Hi! I'm Baptiste Tassel - a freelance animator, motion designer and illustrator based in Hamburg, Germany.

I'm passionate about stories.

About communicating ideas and envoking emotions through them. And I belive that there is a story in everything.
No matter if it's something small and simple or big and complex, something technical and informational or emotional and personal. I want to tell these stories: Be it through one still image or through many, many images in motion. With my experience and expertise in vector art and 2D-animation I will make them come to life. My goal is that people can see them, understand them and relate to them.

If you have a story to tell and want it to come alive - no matter if it's a product that is to be advertised, or a set of complex informations that has to be explained - I would be happy to work with you. Together we will unlock whatever is hidden within.
Just hit me up with an E-mail and we will tell your story.


This is what I specialise in:
Explanatory videos
Promotional videos (advertising)
Story driven videos (artistic film)
Social media posts
Video post production
Editorial illustration
Book cover illustration

This is what I do:
Post production
This is who I worked with:
Annemil  |  Citizens Forest  |  Coca Cola  |  Drucker.de  |  eco.income  |  GAF  |  Grohage  |  Hamburger Bilderbuchpreis  |  HAW Hamburg  |  inuit agency  |  KVT  |  Mogul  |  NIT  |  Pionear  |  pro familia  |  Rindchen  |  Sacred Sexuality Conference  |  Squared Online  |  TiBaTec  |  TUHH  |  Ungeschönt  |  WTG Resonanz  |  WVG Medien  |  27 Kilometer Entertainment  |  Xing

This is where I learned:
*1988 in Hamburg, Germany
2008 Abitur (High school graduation)
2009 Community Service (Zivildienst)
2010-2015 Bachelor of Arts in "Communication Design" at HAW Hamburg
2013 Exchange semester at Parsons New School of Design, New York
2015-2020 Master of Arts in "Illustration" at HAW Hamburg

2016 Animator for "Flunkeblunk" (WVG Medien)
2018-2020 Graphic designer at NIT Hamburg
Since 2016 (and ongoing) Freelancer for animation/motion design and illustration